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Lake Erie Tackle welcomes you!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Welcome to Lake Erie Tackle.  Here you will find the best articles, reviews, and products for fishing on Lake Erie.  Whether you fish for walleye, perch, or steelhead this site has you covered.

Walleye are the most targeted species on Lake Erie.  Anglers have many options when it comes to the gear they use to catch these toothy critters.  Most anglers choose to troll using planer boards to get their bait away from the boat.  Some anglers however choose to cast or use bottom bouncers to entice walleye to bite.  Whatever tackle you choose we have it here for you.

Steelhead are the biggest kept secret on Lake Erie, well at least they used to be until people found out they are the fastest fresh water fish on the planet.  Most anglers looking to target steelhead do so when they enter the rivers from September to April every year on their annual spawning run.  Some anglers choose to target steelhead from a boat, however this can be somewhat challenging until you find them.  They scatter in large schools during the summer months on the lake, then stage in front of the rivers come September for their spawning run.

Perch are very fun to catch because if you get on a school of them it’s non-stop action from the start.  Anglers who perch fish usually anchor or drift and fish the bottom using perch spreaders.  These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They then tip these spreaders with live minnows most of the time, however, night crawlers and plastic baits can be used when the bite is hot.  We have everything you need right here for your perch trip.

So if you are just starting out, or know exactly what tackle you need, look no further.  All the research and reading you need to do is on this site.

Have fun and happy fishing.