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Lake Erie Fishing report 14 OCT

Monday, October 14th, 2013


Walleye have been spotty to say the least.  Huron had some hot activity for a while, then it died off.  There was buzz going around about Vermilion being the place to be, not so much.  You had to go about 13 miles from the dock to find fish that were biting very slow.  A lot of boats had to stay out all day to get their limits.  Fish however are being marked east of kelly’s island in 40 FOW.


Perch have been caught all over the western basin of the lake.  Around kelly’s island has had the most action in the past week or so.  NE corner of the shoal had a small city worth of boats perching, so did the SE corner of the island.  There were some limits being caught.  Ashtabula is hot right now for perch in about 60 FOW.


Cricks are low and clear because we have not had any rain in a while.  There are fish in the cricks, but not in the numbers anglers were hoping to find over the weekend.  Some angler did report fair numbers though.  Erie PA is again leading the way in steelhead and browns this year.  They do a very good job with their stocking program.

Lake Erie fishing report 3 OCT

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Walleye and Perch

Walleye have been tough lately.  North of Huron is producing around the dumping grounds as well as in close.  In close they are using husky jerks in 12-20 FOW and out further they are pulling dipsies and worm harness along with reef runners.  Conny is still the place to be right now.  They walleye should start heading back to the islands anytime.

Perch are being caught everywhere.  Most are targeting 24 FOW out of any port.  Right now west sister is the hot spot along with Canada along Pelee Island.

There is a big tournament out of Huron this weekend good luck to anyone fishing it.



Steelhead were in good this week, however some have run back out into the lake because of low water and high water temps.  The next rain should push them up into the cricks.