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Lake Erie Fishing Report 31 DEC 2013

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Walleye and Perch

genimageNo anglers got out for perch that I know of in the past week.  Walleye, however, is a different story.  Most anglers that were brave enough got out between 27 -31 DEC.  Not only did they get out but they had great success, some reporting the best trips of the season.  I did hear of many walleye over 12 lbs. taken in those days.  Most of the boaters were straight north of Cranberry creek marina to get away from any floating ice burgs.  38 FOW was the best place to be with good marks throughout the water column.  The best cranks were reef runners, deep husky jerks, and shallow husky jerks with weights.  The cranks were trolled very slow at around 1.2 MPH.  Water temp was right around 38 degrees off Huron.  With the cooling temps ice will start building rapidly.  As of today though, no ice was at the ramp in Huron.  Ice anglers are certainly waiting on good ice.  From the aerial view of the lake looks like there is good ice from Pelee all the way to Catawba right now.  It shouldn’t be long before we will be pulling walleye thru the ice again.


Steelhead have been slow in Ohio according to the majority of the reports coming in.  There have been a select few that have gotten some good numbers since the water has come down from the massive rain we got.  You would think that would have put some good numbers in the streams, according to the reports, not so much.  In Ohio the anglers having the best luck are still heading east, more east than the chagrin.  PA anglers are getting more hookups than Ohio right now, but that’s normal anyways.  Good success after the rains came on 20 mile creek, Elk Creek, and Walnut Creek as you imagined.  There have been some reports of browns being caught recently in Elk Creek, PA and The Rocky River, OH.  Most angler are having their success using egg sacs right now since the water still might be moving a little fast since the rain moved thru.  With the cooler temps coming though, they will be locked up in no time so get your fishing in now while you can.walleye1

Tight Lines

Lake Erie’s bordering states need to rally together!

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Everyone knows the growing issue of the Blue Green Algae that has pretty much taken over the western basin of Lake Erie.  Well, the problem doesn’t just occur in Lake Erie, it also occurs in the Chesapeake bay.

The problem in the Chesapeake Bay has been around for decades.  It also went decades without a solution or help to the problem.  Billions of dollars are spent by tourists every year the visit the bay in the summertime for fishing, boating, and swimming.  Every year the visitors became more and more aware of the problem they were having.  That is when, finally, president Obama  made the government agencies involved with the disposition of harmful fertilizer act on the situation.  Now they have what is called a TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load).  This limits farmers and other sources from dumping waste in the bulk fashion that they did before.


Well, lake Erie is under the gun now to get their act together.  It is scientific fact that the major cause of the algae bloom in lake Erie is the farmers along the Maumee and Sandusky river’s in which are the largest tributaries of the western basin of lake Erie.  Just like the Chesapeake Bay, billions of dollars in tourism would be lost by the walleye fisherman, boaters, swimmers, and island goers that visit lake Erie each year.

If the bordering states get together again (yes it’s already been done once) just like they did for the Great Lakes Compact, we would have a plan in place.  Instead, they keep hiring scientists to just study the algae every year instead of taking immediate action on the situation.  The plan has already been done, all they need to do is take it into action.

Below is a picture of the blue green algae from a satellite.  You tell me how bad it is getting.  This is from September

Lake Erie algae bloom

Lake Erie algae bloom

of 2013.  Please give your politicians an email, letter, or phone call letting them know of the severity of the algae bloom and it’s hazardous effects on fish, drinking water, and people.