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Lake Erie Fishing Report 23 April 2014

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

The western basin of lake Erie continues to produce sizable walleye, however the walleye are moving east fast.

Fisherman reported this week very small pods of large fish continuously moving.  You had to troll in figure 8’s to find them after catching one.

The jig bite has slowed down quite a bit with post spawn season being under way.  Trollers have taken over the water.  Most people are fishing husky jerks, reef runners, with a few being taken on spinners already.  With the warm temps coming in slowly spinners should start producing steadily soon.

Fisherman have done good Trolling around F can, Starve Island, Niagara Reef, and in between Rattlesnake Island and Green island.  There have also been some walleye caught around mouse island in the mudline.  Trollers are anywhere from 55-110 back on their lengths and .08-1.2 being the speed.  Monday the water temp was 46 degrees in the morning and 52 in the afternoon.  There have been some walleye caught around Lorain already, just shows you how fast they are moving.

Perch are being caught in 30 FOW out of all the harbors all the way to the grand river.  The bite is soft, but the fish are there and hungry.  If you are sitting waiting on the walleye to migrate, go out and try and catch some perch!

Steelhead are still being caught, however the spring run is coming to a close.  Anglers are reporting less fish than past years runs.  That could be due to many things, but most are blaming the late ice cover on Lake Erie.

Please keep in mind if you head out that the water temp is still very cold.  A recent coast guard statement came out saying right now you have about 10 minutes to live if you fall in, and to always where your life jacket until the water temp reaches 70 degrees.  This all came out from the recent tragedy of 4 boaters capsizing their boat in the western basin.  Extreme caution should be taken this time of year.








Lake Erie Fishing Report 13 April 2014

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Walleye and Perch season has kicked off with a bang.  Anglers throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania are catching fish on the big lake.

The western basin of lake Erie is the hot spot right now.  Almost every walleye that lives in the lake is there spawning right now.  Anglers from all over the country are congregating there to get their fill of lake Erie walleye.  There have been limits after limits taken this week.  The wind didn’t even keep most people off the lake.  Perch are also being caught around Erie, PA and some anglers are getting out of the grand river in Mentor, OH.

Trolling – Husky Jerks back 60-70-100 were doing most of the damage around F can this week.  Speed was anywhere from .8 to 1.2 and the lake temp was around 37 degrees, still very cold.  Colors were blue glass minnow and any other glass colors.  The lake does have some stain to it so the brighter colors were producing.

Casting – Jigging has been productive this week anywhere from 13 fow to 24 fow water anywhere in front of the power plant.  Rule of thumb is if you can see the power plant, start jigging.  You do not have to be on a reef to jog, most guys that head up don’t think about that.  Purple and White have been the jig colors of choice.  You can either anchor or drift, both ways are producing.

Steelhead have been on fire this week as well.  With the receding water levels anglers are hitting every river from Vermilion to the NY border.  Good numbers came in the river with this last rain, and more should follow in the next couple of weeks.  With the cold spell coming next week, the steelhead should stay around a little longer this year.