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Lake Erie Fishing Report 4 May 2014

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Walleye and Perch

Walleye have started to move east like there is food there or something.  Reports are coming in from Kelly’s Island to Lorain.  The fish that are east are the females that are post spawn.  Most are big fish.  There are however some fish still west on the reefs, mostly 5lb jacks are being taken jigging on the reefs.

Trolling has picked up big time in the last week.  Iffy weather is making most fisherman pick their days though.  The fish are mostly suspended, but some are being taken off bottom bouncers trolled slow behind boards.

Hot areas right now include North Bass Island, the line between N. Bass and Kelleys, NW corner of Kelley’s, and NE Corner of Kelley’s.  All fish are spread out so you must mark fish before you set your troll up.  Most anglers are starting at N. Bass and working to Kelley’s.  Fish are in 38-50 FOW right now and are mostly suspended.  Reef Runners and Spinners are the hot ticket right now.  If you are fishing all spinners go slow, like .08 mph slow.  If you are fishing reefs fish fast, 1.5 to 2.0 mph.  Water temp is around 50 still, so keep your life jackets on when out on the big lake.

Perch are in close right now and being caught from vermilion to Erie, pa.  Most are using minnows and spreaders just like in the fall.  A good starting point is about 30 FOW right now.  Make sure you are marking them before you start fishing.  Just because there is a pack of boats doesn’t mean they are catching them.


Steelhead are still in the rivers, what a late spawn.  The western rivers of Ohio have been producing the best action this past week.  Most fisherman are using egg sacs fished in the deep pools trying to catch dropback fish.  The fly fisherman who target the redds are doing well also.  Remember to be gentle with the fish if you are fishing the redds, they are there for a reason.