Lake Erie Fishing Report 11 JAN 2015

Everyone is waiting to hear if anyone is ice fishing in the western basin, well the short answer is YES.  However, it is a select few that are in specialized areas right now.  The ice typically gets fishable first between SBI and green or rattle snake islands.  That is where a select few made it out this weekend.  By no means should you be going anywhere yet until we get another cold snap.

One of the known captains on lake Erie has been cruising around in an airboat checking out the ice conditions.  Just recently the ice conditions have deteriorated, and the ice is still moving around a little bit.  There have been reports of at least 3 cracks to the 3 mile mark that most people like to fish.  The famous 911 crack is already there and open as of now.  There is still a lot of open water right now that people need to be aware of.  Most anglers will wait until the entire western basin locks in.  That is usually a good bet that the ice won’t move around while you are out fishing.

These reports will be more frequent to get you guys good GPS numbers of where the walleye have been caught once we get steady ice.

Please remember that no walleye is worth you life.  As much as my crew wants to get out, we are waiting at least two weeks from now just to see what the weather does.


Most of the rivers have heavy ice on them right now.  The key is to find those runnoffs that have warm water or salt from the roads that keep the rivers open.  Also the warm water discharges around Cleveland will hold plenty of fish during the brutal cold that is about to get us.

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