Lake Erie Fishing Report 14 JAN 2015

Ice Report!

So the western basin has locked up nice over the past week and I know everyone is anxious to get out just like I am, but I am still waiting.  Yes, there are people fishing out of Camp Perry as well as Catawba, but mostly guides with airboats.  People are walking though, carefully I might mention.  There is still some open water in the western basin and room for the ice to move.  Extreme caution is to be taken this weekend if you plan on venturing out.  Getting out in the morning should be no problem, however getting back is a different story.  40 degree air temp and 20 MPH south wind has disaster written all over it.  That is a recipe for cracks to open up while you are on the ice.  Making it impossible to make it in.

If you do go out please read the following safety tips.  Wear a survival suit, spud bar your way out, and take friends.  If you by chance go in you are more likely to live if you have someone with you that can assist.


The fish are 1.5 miles from Catawba, and about 2 miles out of Camp Perry.  Swedish pimples, kastmasters, and little cleo’s tipped with minnow heads are taking all the fish.   99% of the fish being taken are small males, no big girls yet.  I don’t think anyone has been out far enough to get them yet.  Very limited power equipment is being used right now, limited to airboats, hovercrafts, and powered john boats.  Basically anything that floats if you go in.

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