Lake Erie Fishing Report 17 AUG 2014


Walleye fishing on lake Erie remains good around Ashtabula, the 01 and 02 lines being the best action when anglers feel like battling the recent north winds.  Dipsies and worm harnesses are the go to bait out there, even steelhead like worms!  However, the west end is heating up again.  Casters and trollers are reporting limits around the east side of kelly’s island, west of green and rattlesnake islands, and around west sister island.  Of course Canada is still the place to be right now, the wheel is producing very fast limits with plenty of walleye to go around.  Cranberry creek area is finally starting to pick up with walleye being reported in close to the castle and out in about 30 FOW.  Reef runners are the ticket on the west end.  The key is to mark the walleye on your graph, then fish the reef runners just above the marks.  Remember, walleye hit up not down.



Perch fishing has remained good, but on the small side.  From the islands to Erie, PA anglers are catching perch in 30-65 FOW.  The key here is to mark them, they look like piles of junk on the bottom on your graph, or a Christmas tree.  Bait is very scarce right now, so call your local bait shop before heading out and make sure they have minnows.  If they have no shiners, you can use golden shiners or fathead minnows.  Both work, but not as good as lake Erie Shiners.


Steelhead have been caught from Ashtabula to Erie, PA.  Some steelhead have been reported staging already outside the creeks.  It won’t be long now with the cool temps and rain coming early before the waders are on and egg sacks are drifting.

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