Lake Erie Fishing Report 28 DEC 2014


Walleye fishing has been hit or miss in the western basin as the walleye make their move to the spawning grounds.  Most anglers in the last week have been fishing the ceder point area or the bowl in between Huron and Vermilion.  The best programs have been cranks, either reef runners or perfect 10’s.  Early in the week the fish were down deep and later they moved up.  The past few days walleye have been caught as few as 45 back with reefs and 20/20 with perfect 10’s and a snap weight.  If you are not familiar with the 50/50 method for trolling cranks, basically you will let out 50% of your lead, then attach a snap weight, then let out the other 50% of your line.  It is a very effective way to get lip less and shallow diving crank baits down to the fish.  There is a depth chart in the newest edition of precision trolling, I recommend every walleye fisherman get a hold of one of these books.  You will catch a lot more fish.

Huron is the not the only place walleye have been active.  At night anglers have been trolling East 72nd street, Lorain, and Sheffield at night with great success.  The norm at night is to run slower with shorter leads as the walleye are in the top part of the water column eating bait.  Most are using husky jerks at night.

Another popular method of taking walleye this time of year is casting husky jerks at night from the piers.  The walleye cruise the shoreline at night looking for shad.  The rule of thumb is bring plenty of light so you can see if the shad are in close to the walls.  If they are there you have a good chance at catching a walleye.  If you are not seeing shad consider moving.  Most are using husky jerks in the larger sizes using light line so you can cast out far and do a slow retrieve.  Popular piers are the Catawba State Park, Huron, Vermilion, Lorain, East 72nd street, and Fairport harbor.


Perching has been good, however there is a lack of reports because everyone has been in Huron walleye fishing.  Most of the perch that have been caught in the past week are around 38 FOW in front of the marinas in the Cleveland shoreline.  Using any type of minnow whether fresh or frozen.  Some anglers have been catching them from the piers at the marinas along the Lake Erie Shoreline also.


Steelhead season is in full swing now.  Plenty of fish are being caught after the rain we just had.  The rivers came up and they are beginning to be fishable again.  Most anglers are fishing the Rocky and Chagrin rivers, but do not overlook the other stocked and non-stocked tribs that dump into lake Erie.  If you have a boat also look at trolling the mouth of any of the rivers, this can be very productive in the winter time.

In the rivers, fly fisherman are using egg patterns and nymphs.  Most are running tandem rig with a dropper on the bottom.  Bait fisherman are using shiners and eggs.  If you have fresh steelhead eggs that is your best bet.

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