Lake Erie Fishing Report 28 JAN 2015

Ice Fishing!

The ice on lake Erie continues to be good this week, however, the fishing not so much.  We have a lot colder temps, some nights in the single digits.  That should lock things up pretty good.  The fishing has been spotty.  Long story short, if you move around you are going to catch fish.  There are active feeding pods of fish moving around the western basin where the ice is good, you just have to find them.  You need to have electronics with you including a GPS to mark fish and find your way back.  Most fisherman that have found success have been drilling, drilling, and drilling.  Most are not stopping unless they catch a fish or they are marking a lot on their graphs.  You can get away with going out blind on inland lakes, but not so much lake Erie, good electronics go a long way.

Some fisherman went as far as 8 miles looking for fish this week, that is a little excessive if you ask me.  How many fish did they drive over just to get out where the “hot bite” is?  Matter of fact there are fish closer than 1 mile from shore as some walking fisherman proved to me with a limit of walleye in the parking lot last weekend.

So here is the down and dirty.  You must move around to catch fish, just like if you were trolling in the summer time.  If you aren’t catching, move.  The hot lures are little cleo’s, kastmasters, and swedish pimples tipped with ONE minnow.  Some guys have reported scaring walleye away with putting more than one minnow on the hook.  Also, the smaller sizes have been reported working better.    Camp perry has a smaller class of fish hanging out, while catawba has the usual middle class walleye.

Ice should be good this weekend.  Make sure you do not go alone and always be safe.  Some cracks have been reported opening up, but only due to ice expansion and contraction.  Remember as the ice expands it gets weaker.


Some steelhead are still being caught in the main stocked rivers.  Most of the rivers still have some open water but not much.  Also, some are ice fishing the lower sections using egg sacs with good luck.  Some real good sized mid winter steelhead being caught thru the ice!


If you want perch, whites landing in sandusky bay is the place for you.  Make sure you know the area or go with a local if head out, there are a lot of springs in the area.  The key is to get on the edge of a spring and you will find perch and crappie hanging out.  It’s a good change of pace since the walleye fishing is so slow right now.

Have fun and be safe on the ice!

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