Lake Erie Fishing Report 28 July 2014


Islands area is hit or miss right now.  Most fish are eater size with a few in the 28″ range.  Most fish are being taken on bottom bouncers and spoons fished about half way up in the water column.  Most boats that are fishing the area are docked there and confined to that area.  If you choose the fish the islands there are fish being taken north of kelley’s but south of middle island.  East of south bass island off the monument, and in between green and rattlesnake islands.  The wheel in Canada has been hot for walleye, most are trolling meat in the area using inlines or big boards.  Make sure you check the weather before venturing up that way, it’s a long round trip.

The Central and Eastern basins are the hot ticket right now.  Huron all the way to Erie, PA are producing walleye.  In the shallower areas below 45′ fisherman are using reef runners back 80-150 depending on the time of day.  Spoons and dipsies are also producing walleye, but keeping the trash fish off the line proves difficult.   In the deeper water off Erie, PA anglers are using meat with a lot of weight to get the lures down to the fish.  Most fish in that area are being taken at the trench off walnut creek.  A nice mixed bag of walleye and steelhead are being taken in that area.


Perch have been doing very well around the islands and also in the deep water.  Anglers are doing very well after marking the fish on the bottom.  Once you mark them you will catch them.  Off the airport at kelleys is the hot spot right now.  Also, ashtabula and geneva have been producing some jumbo perch for this time of year.  Most perch fisherman choose to use minnow heads or full Lake Erie Shiners.


Avon point is the hot spot right now for central basin steelhead fisherman.  They are being caught right now at 2.5 to 3.0 mph out at the 40 line north of Avon using spoons.  The larger spoons are producing the most hits.  Anglers are tracking the steelhead using their gps units and trying to stay ahead of the moving schools of trout.  Walnut creek in PA is also producing browns and steelhead inside the trench in 60 FOW.  Most are being caught by accident while walleye fishing and no set program is in place for them.

Have fun this summer and watch out for the green algae, they say it’s going to be bad this year.


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