Lake Erie Fishing Report 30 AUG 2014


On the east end of lake Erie walleye fishing remains hot.  Ashtabula all the way to Erie, PA is the hot area.  Anglers are heading out and looking for the schools of fish on their graphs.  Once they find the fish, there are many different approaches to catch them.  Some guys are using jets, while others are using dipsy divers.  Dispy divers seems to be the preferred method out there right now.  Spinners are the hot bait right now, but you will fight off the sheep and white bass with them.  If you speed up and put on stick baits, such as the reef runner 700, you will get a lot less junk.  Huron to Vermilion has some nice walleye also, hanging out around the dumping grounds and the sand bar.  Fisherman are also using spinners out there.  This year anything with a pink back has been producing.  The island area, as expected, remains slow for walleye.


Perch are plentiful right now.  The islands area has some perch hanging off of Perry’s monument, the Marblehead lighthouse, and the green can north of Kelley’s has been good.   In Vermilion the perch seem to be out in about 32-42 FOW.  Out east the bite is hot around 62 FOW with a lot of jumbo’s being caught out there.


There is a nice school of steelhead hanging out around Ashtabula.  The steelhead are up high hitting bait balls in the top 15 FOW.  If you target these fish you will most likely have to get your bait away from the boat and fish very high.  I do not have a report of steelhead staging yet, but assume it will not be long with the cool summer we have had this year.

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