Lake Erie Fishing Report 4 AUG 2014


Ashtabula, Geneva, and Conny is where the hogs are at right now.  Go between 10-15 miles out, look for good arches on your graph and set some lines.  Dipsies with spinners or stick baits are taking most of the fish.  Number 0 or number 1 dipsies are being used by most anglers.  Speed has bee between 2 and 2.5 mph for most.  It is very important that you mark fish before starting to fish or you will not catch out there.  PLEASE, watch the weather.  A lot of boats go stuck in the storm that blew thru over the weekend.  There is no excuse to be out on the water with a storm of that magnitude coming.  We have the technology these days to avoid those kind of situations.

Islands to Cleveland has bee slow lately.  Most fish that are being caught are at night.  However some can be caught during the day, most are using reef runners back 80-120.  The sandbar in Vermilion, Dump in huron, Ruggles Reef, and off edgewater have had the most reports this weekend.  Again, you need to be marking fish to catch them.


The islands is hit or miss right now.  Green island, the bell buoy, and south passage all produced fish over the weekend.  Cleveland or east is where it’s at right now.  60-62 FOW anywhere from Cleveland to the East.  All fish are being taken using shiners.


Steelhead are being caught out on the 42 line north of vermilion and out east around conny and Erie, PA.  Program remains the same.  Minimum 2 mph, dipsies with large stinger spoons, and copper or silver in color.  You need to be out deep to find these fish right now.  You also need to mark bait before you even set lines.  If you mark what looks like a mushroom cloud on your graph, start setting lines.  There are steelhead around.

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