Lake Erie Ice Fishing Report 17 JAN 2015

Ice report

Catawba island was packed yesterday, don’t know about today with the wind!

Ice has been reported about 6-9 inches out of Catawba state park up to 2 miles.  Fish were being caught from 1 – 1.6 miles out.  There is a trail that everyone is following that goes west then north.  Not quite to F can I have been told.  There are a lot of shoves out there, one of my buddies fished just after the third shove, and was just under 2 miles out yesterday.  The shoves are about a foot high.  Fish are biting on the normal stuff, Swedish pimples and cleo’s tipped with dead minnows.  Water is super clear, you can see the fish coming up from the bottom 8 feet down.  Heard the fish were about 2 miles north of Camp Perry also, there was only 5 inches of ice there though, most were walking.

Now, 6-9 inches is not a lot of ice.  That is barely acceptable for sleds and quads, but many did it anyway yesterday.  If you are new to ice fishing or new to ice fishing lake Erie in general, please wait for better ice.  This is not the time to take the whole gang up there and give it a try.  These are seasoned veterans out on the ice right now.

I do not have a report of any cracks opening just yet from today’s wind, but will make an update if I hear anything.


There are some steelhead being caught at the vermilion river and rocky river from the ice in the marina’s.  Most of the rivers are locked pretty tight right now, but use caution because you are still sitting on a river no matter how thick the ice is.

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