Proper Clothing for Steelhead

When your out fishing for Steelhead, make sure you have the proper clothing! This cannot be said enough as some amateurs think all they need is their equipment– this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every good angler knows that you know the proper clothing when your aiming for those ferocious fish. The right clothing will make all the difference between a mildly successful angler to someone who’s swimming in steelhead during the winter!

For starters were going to need the right waders, especially in cold and rugged weather. Waders are a type of overall and boot combo designed for the angler in mind. They are usually made from quite durable material that can endure the winter weather conditions. These are essential in the cold season. Make sure to get some decent waders and you are almost ready to go steelheading in the winter.

Make sure your wader is water-proof because it is your first (and best) line of defense against the harsh cold temperatures. Gore-tex has become very popular as a type of wader that is water-proof and allows your skin to breathe, a marvelous feat indeed. The advantage of having a breathable wader is that you can allow sweat and moisture to escape. This type of porous material used in the waders is fast becoming the choice for angles in the know.

Another important tip to keep in mind when wearing your waders is to avoid wearing cottons. Cot ton clothing can maintain moisture and will be a hindrance to you when you are all wet trying to fish for steelhead.

Also, be sure to double layer clothing if you are going to be fishing in temperatures below 50 degrees. This will ensure your extremities (like legs and feet) are safe from the cold’s harmful effects. Don’t forget to wear some thick wool socks for maximum protection from wetness. They will act as an agent to keep you from getting too wet or moist.

Once you have mastered these basics of steelhead clothing, your winter will become quite fruitful. The advantage of being comfortable while your steel heading is quite important, despite those who have an opposing view. The bottom line is that if you dress right for your steelhead adventure, you will be the angler with more success than those that avoided the basics of steelhead clothing. Now, throw on your waders, double layer your wool socks and let’s get to angling for some steelhead!