Dead Drifting Steelhead

The infamous dead drift style is the way to go if your in pocket water and want the most fish you can legally nab! The technique is widely acclaimed and has many anglers taking a keen interest to this swing tactic. Usually anglers like to use a wet fly type of swing. They simply grab a sink tip line along with a weighted fly and assume that will be sufficient. Well it won’t! It lacks the capability of catching tons of fish in a short time, which the dead drift can achieve with ease. We will look at how to perform this popular technique!

First, we must make sure to make an indicator rig. This indicator will be of the floating variety. It can be made of many types of material. One of the most popular materials is macramé. It is very durable and serves it’s purpose with great efficiency. Use a sufficient length, usually about an inch, and make sure the fly is supported. You do not want to sink the indicator while your doing this. Grab some strands and attach them to a large, average 4 foot leader, leader. Tie them with a knot (or clinch knot). We want to also keep the leader connected with a float line. Attach a tippet, spray some floatant, and your ready to go!

Now all we have to do is get out there and start dead drifting. First, assume the steelhead are in one area and cast your line upstream of that region. You must make sure to stack your line in order to mend it to the point where you feel it drift more organically. Once you have that natural drift, you are halfway there. Make sure to have control of your line that is loose in order to stay upstream.

If you are fishing with a friend, dead drifting can become very easy. Have your buddy man the oars while your fishing on the drift boat. This is a very effective way to dead drift. Simply cast your line on the side of your boat and drift away with the wind. That is essentially all there is to it, all you have to do now is wait for the bites! When your in pocket water, dead drifting is very easy to accomplish and you will be generously rewarded if you properly perform this excellent technique.