Noodle Rods & Steelhead

The benefits of a Noodle rod can be advantageous when fishing for Steelhead. Lake Erie is a bit shallow and the best idea for success is to keep your lines light and your hooks, as well as bait, small to fool the fish into striking. This is where the Noodle rod comes in…

Noodle rods are very light rods that can reach up to 12 feet in length. These are just a few benefits of noodle rods. Another great function is that they are meant to absorb the ferocity of a steelhead’s forceful movements. As long as you have a decent spinning reel setup, you can catch some pretty hefty fish (up to 25 pounds) with a Noodle rod. This can be accomplished with a line as light as 3 ½ pounds!
The fact that you have combined a rod and a reel make this type of angling all the more enjoyable. This combo actually can help speed up the learning process of fishing for steelhead by teaching the amateur about pressure control. The steelhead will be your teacher for this important lesson, they will give you all the snags and excitement you can take!

Another benefit of the noodle rod is the length advantage it has over other rods, this advantage allows the angler some leeway when fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead. The tributaries are a haven for drift fishing because of the obvious benefits of this angling style. The secret to drift fishing with a noodle is to give the bait a natural feel when you cast your line. This means you must have it float naturally on the lake’s bottom, so it’s best to have the motion of the bait match the lake’s current. Make sure your hook is at least 2 feet underneath the float ensuring that your in a hot zone for steelhead.

Always remember to change the position of your float. This will ensure an excellent drift almost every time. If you are up against water that is fast, try a splitshot for best results. The best noodle drift method is to place it off the bottom and under the float. If you want a good mending job, grab a longer noodle rod. This will help you to get rid of slack if you actually do get some action on the line. So cast your line high and start noodle drifting today!