Spoon Fishing: An Excellent Alternative

There are many different ways to fish for steelhead (such as jigs and floats), but spoon fishing is an excellent option that should not be overlooked. Sure, there will always be the traditionalists who like to fish with jigs and floats, but for some, the spoon is the only way to go. This is for a good reason, spoons are quite effective when used properly.

Find your favorite riffle and set that brass spoon as your lure. Then cast your line and wait for the steelhead to come-a-bitin’. A preferred rod length for many experienced spoon fishing anglers is usually on the longer side. They believe that extra length can greatly assist in driving the hooks into the bony jawed steelhead. The length also keeps your line safe by allowing it to neatly remain out of the water. It also allows you to fish comfortably on your side of the stream.

Go with the genuine silver spoons for the best shine in the sunlight. These spoons appear white in the river and can definitely attract steelhead with a great degree of success. There are other types of finishes too, like chrome. The only difference is that chrome doesn’t have that same shine as silver, it appears almost black in the water due to it’s limited reflective nature. The extra shine on silver spoons can also help your angling efforts in times where the weather is dark and gloomy, usually in the winter. Sometimes, the steelhead don’t like to move away from their holding position and the extra shine from the silver spoons encourage them to stray from their domain.

Make sure you use a slow spoon, meaning you should be almost wobbling and definitely not spinning when your spoon is presented. Treat spoon fishing just like drifting, because it basically is. Just cast your spoon and let it drift away with the current. Remember, sometimes steelhead will sit there and watch your spoon for awhile. That’s why it’s best to reel in slowly after your swing for optimal results.

Spoon fishing may not be for everybody, but it sure can be rewarding and fun. You will find that it is a highly effective method of catching those elusive and rowdy steelhead. Who knows, you may even drop the jig altogether and become the next spoon fisher in the growing community of steelhead anglers.