Ice fishing for walleye is any ice fisherman’s dream.  Anglers come from all over the US every year to ice fish for giant lake Erie walleye in the western basin.  There are many ways to fish for lake Erie walleye through the ice and also different ways to access them.  Many anglers use machines such as a snowmobile or ATV to get to the walleye out on lake Erie.

Getting to the fish on the ice of Lake Erie is half the battle as seasoned veterans know.  First you must have a registered ATV or Snowmobile if you plan on driving it on the ice.  If you walk, it is much harder because you will be out at least 1 mile from the landing.  Driving a machine across the ice has it’s own dangers.  If it is your first time on the ice it is advised to take a spud bar and drive slow across the ice looking for cracks.  Lake Erie ice will form cracks as the ice moves back and forth through the winter months.  Once you have an established path you shouldn’t rely mostly on it, still be cautious when driving on the ice.

Lures for lake Erie walleye don’t differ a whole lot from inland walleye.  You can use swedish pimples and jigging rapalas just the same as you would anywhere else.  Most anglers tip them with minnows and night crawlers to entice a bite from the hungry fish.  You may also set up tip ups outside your shanty to increase your catch rate.  Most anglers put a larger bait that will stay alive so they don’t have to check it as much.

Once you have found where you would like to fish, you need to unload your gear and drill some holes.  Most ice fisherman drill test holes and move around until they catch a fish.  This is the best way to have a good day on the ice.  Once you find the fish you can set up your ice fishing shanty and start fishing with all your gear.  To be successful, you must be mobile.  The fish move around and so should you.