Jigging in the spring time for Walleye is one of the most fun ways to fish for walleye.  The jigging usually starts when the ice clears off the lake, usually late March.  There are many different areas of Lake Erie that host spawning walleye in the spring.  The most popular place in the spring is the Detroit river right in downtown Detroit.  A close second being the reef complex in the western basin of Lake Erie.



Fishing the Detroit river is easy and accessible in many areas.  You only need a small boat since you don’t have to deal with the big water of lake Erie.  Wind and rain is the only factor keeping fisherman off the water here.  The most popular jigging technique includes fisherman drifting their boats and vertically jigging.  This is by far the most tried and true way of catching Detroit river walleye.  The types of jigs vary, but the most popular is a large twister tail on a quarter to half ounce jig head.  Just drift the boat and vertically jig the bait up and down until you get a bite.  Keeping your line vertical in the water is key to getting a strike using this technique.


The western basin of lake Erie is where most of the walleye go in the spring to spawn on the reefs.  There is a reef complex from just a couple hundred yards off shore to nine miles off shore.  Niagara reef being the farthest most fisherman go to jig.  Using hair jigs is the most popular way to entice lake Erie walleye into biting on the reefs.  Boats will usually anchor or drift on the reefs making passes over the spawning walleye.  Getting a limit on the reefs can be as quick as 1 hour from the start.

Anglers come from all over to jig walleye and rooms go quick in the area.  Make sure you reserve a dock if you are staying more than a day so you don’t have to launch your boat more than once.  Many trophy walleye are caught in the spring because of the great concentration of walleye in the area.  Many people break their personal best catches and return year after year.